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Nam Talay

Nam Talay Condominium “Huge Discount Offer” on remaining units is still running.
1. Floors 1-9: ALL Studio are 1.2MB, Floors 10-13 ALL Studio 1.3MB.

2.1 Bedroom: 40.75 Sq.m Units ending 28: Price 1.7MB, Same Unit Ending: “42” with a Sea-View: Price 1.86MB.

3. All Floors: 2 Bedroom Units 71.85 Sq.m are on sale at 3.3MB

4. All other 1 Bedroom available that range from 43.25 – 50.51 Sq.m are all selling for 45,000 THB per Sq.m no matter the Floor.

Example: Unit 909 with a Sea-View from the Living Room & Bedroom window will be 2.3MB with this promotion.. Current price list 3,389,221 THB